Adler Planetarium Wedding Photos

Adler Planetarium Wedding Photos

The Adler Planetarium, located on the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago, is not just a hub for space enthusiasts but has also emerged as a sought-after wedding venue. With its panoramic views of the Chicago skyline and a touch of cosmic charm, it’s no wonder couples are gravitating towards this unique location for their special day. If you’re considering an Adler Planetarium wedding, here’s a deep dive into what makes it so incredibly stunning for wedding photos.

The Cosmic Charm of Adler Planetarium

The Adler Planetarium is more than just a space museum; it’s a testament to mankind’s curiosity about the universe. This same sense of wonder and exploration can be woven into a wedding theme, making the event memorable and fabulous. The planetarium offers a luxurious backdrop of starry exhibits, which when combined with the love and joy of a wedding, creates a celestial romance that’s hard to replicate elsewhere.

Capturing the Perfect Moment

  1. Skyline Views: One of the most gorgeous aspects of the Adler Planetarium is its unobstructed views of the Chicago skyline. Wedding photographers often capture candid moments against this backdrop, adding a metropolitan charm to the photos.
  2. Sunset Shots: The planetarium’s location by the lake makes it a prime spot for sunset photos. As the sun dips below the horizon, the sky paints a myriad of colors, offering a dreamy setting for couples.
  3. Indoor Brilliance: Inside the planetarium, couples can pose amidst cosmic exhibits, under planet models, or even in the planetarium’s theater, adding a touch of the cosmos to their wedding album.
  4. Night-time Magic: As the night sets in, the surrounding area of the planetarium lights up, providing a serene and romantic ambiance perfect for night-time shots.

Personalizing Your Adler Planetarium Wedding Photos

Every couple wants their wedding photos to reflect their personal journey and love story. Here are some tips to add a personal touch:

  1. Themed Attire: Consider incorporating a space or starry theme into your attire. Whether it’s a dress with starry embellishments or cosmic cufflinks for the groom, these details can make the photos even more special.
  2. Props: Use props like telescopes, star maps, or even LED lights to add a cosmic touch to your photos.
  3. Incorporate Your Story: If you and your partner share a love for astronomy or had a significant moment under the stars, weave that story into your photo shoot.

FAQs About Adler Planetarium Wedding Photos

  • How much does an Adler Planetarium wedding cost? The cost can vary based on the specific package chosen, the number of guests, and additional services. It’s best to contact the planetarium directly for a detailed quote.
  • How long should you spend at Adler Planetarium? For wedding photos, couples typically spend 2-3 hours, but this can vary based on the photography package and events of the day.
  • Why is the Adler Planetarium famous? The Adler Planetarium is renowned as the first planetarium in the United States and offers a blend of educational exhibits, interactive displays, and stunning views of Chicago.


An Adler Planetarium wedding promises a blend of urban sophistication and cosmic wonder. As couples embark on their marital journey, the planetarium, with its celestial charm and Chicago’s skyline, ensures every moment is captured in its full glory, making for a wedding album that’s truly out of this world.

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The Adler Planetarium: A Historical Venue with Modern Charm

The Adler Planetarium, founded in 1930, stands as America’s first planetarium. Its rich history combined with state-of-the-art exhibits makes it a venue that offers both historical significance and modern appeal. When hosting a wedding here, couples are not just choosing a venue but becoming a part of the planetarium’s storied legacy.

Tips for a Stellar Adler Planetarium Wedding Photo Shoot

  1. Scout in Advance: Before the wedding day, visit the planetarium with your photographer to identify potential photo spots. This ensures a smooth and efficient photo session on the big day.
  2. Utilize the Space: The Adler Planetarium is vast, with both indoor and outdoor spaces. From the Doane Observatory to the Grainger Sky Theater, ensure you utilize the diverse settings for varied shots.
  3. Time it Right: If you’re keen on capturing the Chicago skyline during the golden hour, discuss the timing with your photographer to ensure you’re in the right spot at the right time.
  4. Incorporate Guests: While couple shots are essential, don’t forget to capture candid moments with your guests against the planetarium’s unique backdrops.
  5. Dress Appropriately: Given the planetarium’s location by the lake, it can get windy. Ensure your attire, especially veils and long dresses, are secured or have weights to prevent them from flying away during outdoor shots.

Collaborating with Vendors

For a seamless wedding photo shoot at the Adler Planetarium, collaboration with other vendors is key:

  1. Hair and Makeup: Ensure your hair and makeup team is aware of the photo shoot’s outdoor nature, so they use products that withstand the elements.
  2. Decor and Lighting: Collaborate with your decor team to incorporate elements that complement the planetarium’s aesthetics. Consider using starry lights or galaxy-themed decor for added charm.
  3. Coordination: Ensure there’s coordination between the photographer, event planner, and the planetarium’s management. This ensures that all logistics, from lighting to permissions, are taken care of.

Testimonials from Happy Couples

Our wedding photos at the Adler Planetarium exceeded our wildest dreams. The Chicago skyline, combined with the planetarium’s exhibits, made for a magical setting.” – Clara & Ethan

“The Adler Planetarium was the perfect backdrop for our space-themed wedding. Every photo captured the essence of our love story and the cosmic charm of the venue.” – Mia & Leo


Choosing the Adler Planetarium for your wedding photos ensures a blend of history, modernity, and cosmic wonder. As you celebrate your love and commitment, let the Adler Planetarium’s celestial beauty add a touch of magic to your memories. With the right planning and collaboration, your wedding photos at this iconic Chicago venue will be a testament to a love that’s as vast and timeless as the universe itself.

Beyond the Photos: Creating a Cosmic Experience

While the Adler Planetarium offers a picturesque backdrop for wedding photos, it also provides an immersive experience for couples and guests alike. Here’s how you can elevate the entire wedding experience at this celestial venue:

  1. Interactive Exhibits: Allow your guests to explore the planetarium’s interactive exhibits during downtime. It’s not only educational but also a unique experience that guests will remember.
  2. Starry Night Reception: Consider hosting your reception under a simulated starry sky in the planetarium’s theater. With projections of constellations and galaxies, it’s like dining under the stars.
  3. Cosmic Cocktails: Collaborate with your caterer to create space-themed cocktails. Think of drinks like “Galactic Punch” or “Nebula Nectar” to add a fun twist to the menu.
  4. Space-themed Favors: Send guests home with themed favors like star-shaped cookies, mini telescopes, or constellation maps as a memento of the cosmic celebration.
  5. Live Astronomy Session: If possible, arrange for a live astronomy session. Guests can gaze at the stars through telescopes and learn more about the night sky, adding an educational and memorable touch to the evening.

Challenges and Solutions at the Adler Planetarium

Every venue comes with its set of challenges, but with proper planning, they can be easily overcome:

  1. Weather: Being by the lake, the Adler Planetarium can be subjected to unpredictable weather. Always have a backup plan, like tents or an indoor space, for sudden changes.
  2. Transportation: Ensure there’s clear communication about transportation, given the planetarium’s location. Consider arranging shuttles or buses for guests’ convenience.
  3. Timings: The Adler Planetarium is a public venue and might have specific timings for private events. Coordinate with the management to ensure your event flows smoothly without interruptions.

Embracing the Adler Planetarium’s Legacy

The Adler Planetarium is not just a space museum; it’s a symbol of mankind’s quest for knowledge and exploration. By choosing this venue for your wedding, you’re aligning your love story with the grand narrative of cosmic exploration. It’s a reminder that love, like the universe, is vast, mysterious, and endlessly beautiful.


An Adler Planetarium wedding is more than just a union of two souls; it’s a celebration of love on a cosmic scale. With the shimmering waters of Lake Michigan on one side and the vast expanse of the universe on the other, it’s a venue that promises eternal memories. As you embark on this new chapter, let the stars, planets, and galaxies bear witness to a love that’s boundless and ever-expanding.

The Adler Planetarium: A Venue Like No Other

The Adler Planetarium stands out not just for its celestial allure but also for its architectural brilliance. Designed by the renowned architect Ernest A. Grunsfeld Jr., the planetarium is a testament to the Art Deco style of the 1930s. Its geometric designs, ornate detailing, and grand domes make it a visual treat, adding another layer of sophistication to wedding photos.

Incorporating Astronomy into Your Wedding Theme

Given the venue’s space-centric nature, couples can weave in elements of astronomy into various aspects of their wedding:

  1. Invitations: Design your wedding invitations with celestial motifs, such as stars, planets, or constellations. This sets the tone for what guests can expect at the wedding.
  2. Table Settings: Name your tables after famous constellations or galaxies. Use planetarium projectors to cast starry scenes on the walls or ceilings.
  3. Wedding Cake: Opt for a galaxy-themed wedding cake. Think of deep blues and purples with silver star accents or a cake that resembles the moon’s surface.
  4. Dance Floor: Transform your dance floor into a cosmic wonder. Use lighting effects to create a starry night effect, making it feel like you’re dancing among the stars.

Benefits of a Museum Venue

Choosing a museum like the Adler Planetarium offers several unique benefits:

  1. Educational Aspect: Guests, especially younger ones, can learn while celebrating. It’s a blend of fun and knowledge.
  2. Unique Photo Ops: Beyond the usual wedding photos, couples can pose next to historic space artifacts or under the massive Atwood Sphere.
  3. Supporting a Cause: The revenue from events often goes back into maintaining and supporting the museum’s initiatives. By hosting your wedding here, you’re indirectly supporting educational and research programs.

Tips for Future Adler Planetarium Couples

  1. Book Early: The Adler Planetarium, given its uniqueness, is in high demand. Ensure you book well in advance to secure your preferred date.
  2. Guided Tours: Consider arranging guided tours of the planetarium for your guests. It’s an excellent way for them to appreciate the venue and its offerings.
  3. Stay Updated: Museums often have rotating exhibits. Stay updated on what will be on display during your wedding, as it can influence your theme or decor.


The Adler Planetarium offers a celestial journey, making weddings held here feel like a voyage through the cosmos. As couples pledge their love under the watchful eyes of the stars, the planetarium stands as a beacon of exploration, wonder, and eternal love. With the right elements in place, an Adler Planetarium wedding can truly be an otherworldly experience, etching memories not just on Earth, but across the universe.






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