Black Gold And Purple Wedding

Black Gold And Purple Wedding

Weddings are a reflection of a couple’s personality and style. For those daring enough to step away from the conventional, a Black, Gold, and Purple wedding offers an incredibly stunning and glamorous alternative. This color combination is not just exquisite but also embodies a blend of elegance, luxury, and boldness that is sure to make any wedding memorable.

Why Choose Black, Gold, and Purple?

The blend of black, gold, and purple is both elegant and bold. Black represents sophistication and mystery, gold exudes luxury and opulence, while purple is often associated with royalty and passion. Together, these colors create a wedding palette that is both dramatic and romantic.

Inspirations for a Black, Gold, and Purple Wedding:

  1. Invitations: Begin your wedding journey with invitations that incorporate the color scheme. Opt for black cards with gold lettering, adorned with purple floral motifs or ribbons.
  2. Bridesmaid Dresses: Dress your bridesmaids in varying shades of purple, from lilac to deep plum. The contrast against the bride’s white or off-white gown will be striking.
  3. Groomsmen Attire: Black suits with gold ties or cufflinks make a statement. For an even bolder look, consider deep purple suits with black lapels.
  4. Centerpieces: Metallic gold vases filled with purple flowers, such as lavender, violets, or orchids, can create a regal ambiance. Add black accents, like ribbons or table runners, to complete the look.
  5. Cake: A wedding cake adorned with a black and gold damask pattern, highlighted with purple flowers or ribbons, can be the centerpiece of your dessert table.
  6. Decorations: Think purple and gold tablecloths, black chair covers, and gold cutlery. Incorporate purple lighting to set a romantic mood.
  7. Favors: Delight your guests with favors like gold and purple macarons, black and gold chocolate truffles, or small bottles of lavender-infused oil.


  • Is purple an appropriate color for a wedding? Absolutely! Purple is often associated with royalty, luxury, and passion, making it a perfect choice for weddings.
  • Is black and gold good for a wedding? Yes, black and gold create a sophisticated and luxurious ambiance, suitable for elegant weddings.
  • What goes with purple for a wedding? Gold, silver, white, and black are popular choices that complement purple beautifully.
  • What colors go with lilac for a wedding? Soft shades like cream, gold, and silver pair well with lilac.

In Conclusion

A Black, Gold, and Purple wedding is perfect for couples looking to make a bold statement on their big day. This color combination is not just visually stunning but also symbolizes strength, luxury, and passion. Whether you’re planning an intimate affair or a grand celebration, these colors will ensure your wedding is one for the ages.

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The Timeless Charm of Black, Gold, and Purple Weddings

As weddings evolve, so do the choices of color schemes. The combination of black, gold, and purple, while unconventional, challenges the traditional wedding norms and offers a palette that’s both extraordinary and timeless.

Venue Selection for a Black, Gold, and Purple Wedding

The venue plays a crucial role in bringing your color theme to life. For this palette:

  1. Historic Mansions: The grandeur of historic mansions complements the regal feel of this color scheme. Think gold chandeliers, black grand pianos, and purple drapes.
  2. Modern Art Galleries: The contemporary vibe of an art gallery can be elevated with bold black and gold decor, accented with purple lighting or art pieces.
  3. Outdoor Venues: A garden or beach wedding can incorporate this theme with gold chairs, black tablecloths, and purple floral arrangements.

Floral Arrangements

Flowers can add a touch of softness to the boldness of black and gold:

  1. Purple Roses: Symbolizing enchantment and deep admiration, they’re perfect for bouquets and centerpieces.
  2. Lavender: Its delicate appearance and soothing fragrance can be used in bouquets, table arrangements, or even as a part of the venue decor.
  3. Violets: Representing loyalty and devotion, they can be used in boutonnieres or as table accents.

Dress and Attire

The bridal party’s attire can be a gorgeous reflection of the theme:

  1. Bride: Consider a white or off-white gown with purple embroidery or gold accents. Accessorize with purple or gold jewelry.
  2. Groom: A black tuxedo with a gold tie or pocket square. A purple boutonniere can add a touch of color.
  3. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen: Bridesmaids in purple gowns with gold jewelry, and groomsmen in black suits with purple ties or pocket squares.

Food and Drinks

Incorporate the theme into your menu:

  1. Cocktails: Serve signature purple cocktails, like lavender-infused gin or blackberry mimosas.
  2. Desserts: Blackberry tarts, purple macarons, or cupcakes with gold edible glitter can be a hit.
  3. Main Course: Consider dishes that naturally incorporate the color scheme, like eggplant parmesan or black rice with gold edible foil.

In Conclusion

A Black, Gold, and Purple wedding is more than just a color scheme; it’s a statement. It’s about daring to be different, embracing the extraordinary, and celebrating love in the most glamorous way. Whether you’re just starting your wedding planning journey or looking for that final touch of inspiration, this theme promises a day that’s as unique as your love story.

Entertainment and Music for a Black, Gold, and Purple Wedding

No wedding is complete without the right entertainment and music to set the mood. Given the regal and sophisticated theme of black, gold, and purple, the entertainment should resonate with the elegance of the occasion.

Music Selections

  1. Classical Quartet: Begin the ceremony with a classical quartet playing timeless pieces. The rich sounds of violins and cellos can enhance the regal ambiance.
  2. Jazz Band: For the reception, consider a jazz band playing classics that evoke a sense of nostalgia and sophistication. The sultry tones of a saxophone can complement the color scheme’s luxurious vibe.
  3. Modern Tunes: While the theme is elegant, it’s essential to have a mix of contemporary hits to get the dance floor moving. Consider a DJ for the latter part of the evening.

Entertainment Ideas

  1. Themed Photo Booth: Set up a photo booth with props in black, gold, and purple. Velvet drapes, gold frames, and feathered masks can make for fun photo ops.
  2. Dance Performances: Hire a dance troupe to perform ballroom or contemporary dances. Their costumes can align with the color theme, adding a visual treat for the guests.
  3. Magician or Illusionist: Given the mysterious allure of the color black, a magician or illusionist can be a unique entertainment choice. They can perform tricks using gold and purple props, tying back to the theme.

Decorative Lighting and Effects

  1. Purple Uplighting: Illuminate the venue with soft purple uplighting to create a romantic and royal ambiance.
  2. Gold Spotlights: Use gold spotlights to highlight the main areas, like the stage, dance floor, or the head table.
  3. Black Chandeliers: If the venue permits, consider hanging black chandeliers adorned with gold and purple crystals to add a touch of opulence.

Personal Touches

  1. Memory Lane: Create a photo montage of the couple’s journey, with black and white photos transitioning to colored ones, emphasizing gold and purple hues.
  2. Guest Book: Have a black velvet guest book with gold pages for guests to pen down their wishes. Provide purple and gold pens for an added touch.
  3. Favors: Gift guests with black velvet pouches containing gold trinkets or purple scented candles as a memento of the special day.

In Conclusion

A Black, Gold, and Purple wedding is a celebration of love, elegance, and individuality. By incorporating entertainment and music that aligns with the theme, couples can ensure that their wedding is not only visually stunning but also an unforgettable experience for all. From the first note played to the last dance, every moment will echo the grandeur and romance of this unique color palette.

The Symbolism Behind a Black, Gold, and Purple Wedding

Every color carries its own set of meanings and emotions, and when combined, they can tell a profound story. The choice of black, gold, and purple for a wedding isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s deeply symbolic, representing various facets of a couple’s journey and the life they’re about to embark upon together.

Black: Depth, Mystery, and Strength

  1. Depth of Commitment: Black, being a profound and all-encompassing color, symbolizes the depth of commitment and the strong foundation upon which a marriage is built.
  2. Mystery of the Journey: Every marriage is a journey into the unknown, filled with shared experiences, challenges, and joys. Black represents this mystery and the promise to navigate it hand in hand.
  3. Strength in Unity: Black is solid, unwavering, and unyielding, much like the strength a couple finds in their unity.

Gold: Prosperity, Elegance, and Eternal Love

  1. Prosperity in Marriage: Gold has always been a symbol of wealth and prosperity. In the context of a wedding, it represents the couple’s wishes for a prosperous life together, filled with abundance in all forms.
  2. Elegance and Grandeur: Gold is undeniably elegant. It brings a touch of grandeur and opulence to the wedding, making the day truly special.
  3. Eternal Bond: Just as gold doesn’t tarnish, the bond of marriage is eternal. It represents a love that remains untainted by time and challenges.

Purple: Royalty, Passion, and Dreams

  1. Royal Love: Historically, purple has been the color of royalty. In a wedding, it symbolizes the regal nature of love and the couple’s place as the king and queen of their own world.
  2. Passion and Depth: Purple, being a blend of the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red, represents the balance of passion and understanding in a relationship.
  3. Dreams and Aspirations: The color purple resonates with the energy of inspiration and imagination. It symbolizes the couple’s shared dreams and aspirations for the future.

Blending the Colors: A Harmonious Union

When combined, black, gold, and purple tell a story of a love that’s deep, prosperous, and passionate. It’s a love that’s ready to face the mysteries of the future, bask in the prosperity of the present, and always remain as vibrant as the dreams that brought two people together.

In Conclusion

The choice of a Black, Gold, and Purple wedding goes beyond creating a visually stunning event. It’s about embracing the symbolism of each color and weaving together a narrative that celebrates love in all its facets. As couples embark on their marital journey, this color palette serves as a beautiful reminder of the depth, prosperity, passion, and dreams that define their union.






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