Burgundy And Navy Blue Wedding Bouquet

Burgundy And Navy Blue Wedding Bouquet

When it comes to wedding palettes, burgundy and navy blue make a formidable pair. They exude sophistication, romance, and a classic allure that’s hard to resist. But beyond the attire and decor, these two colors come together exquisitely in one pivotal wedding element: the bridal bouquet. In this article, we delve into the world of burgundy and navy blue wedding bouquets, uncovering their charm and offering tips on how to create the perfect one.

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1. The Rise of Burgundy and Navy Blue

Burgundy, with its deep wine-red hue, speaks volumes of passion, love, and deep commitment. Navy blue, on the other hand, brings depth, stability, and a touch of regal charm. Together, they create a contrast that’s visually stunning and emotionally evocative. Over the past few years, this color combination has witnessed a surge in popularity, making appearances in fall weddings, winter nuptials, and even spring ceremonies.

2. The Symbolism Behind the Colors

Burgundy is often associated with wealth, power, and ambition. In the realm of weddings, it’s a nod to the depth of emotion and the richness of the union. Navy blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, and wisdom—values that lay the foundation of a lasting marriage.

3. Crafting the Perfect Bouquet

A burgundy and navy blue bouquet can be crafted in numerous ways:

  • Floral Choices: Opt for burgundy blooms like dahlias, roses, and ranunculus. For the navy blue touch, consider adding flowers like thistle or even blue orchids. Remember, it’s not about finding a navy blue flower but about adding elements that complement the primary burgundy blossoms.
  • Foliage and Fillers: Silver-dollar eucalyptus, ferns, or even dusty miller can add volume to the bouquet and act as a neutral base against which the burgundy and navy blue elements can pop.
  • Accents: Ribbons, lace, or even brooches in navy blue can be intertwined with the bouquet, giving it a personalized touch.

4. Seasonal Inspirations

While burgundy and navy blue are versatile, they resonate beautifully with specific seasons:

  • Fall: Think of burgundy leaves, deep red berries, and rustic navy blue accents.
  • Winter: Incorporate elements like pinecones, navy blue velvet ribbons, and burgundy blooms that evoke a sense of warmth.
  • Spring: Lighten the bouquet with pale burgundy tulips and hints of blue through accessories or fillers.

5. Themes that Complement

Certain wedding themes beautifully complement the burgundy and navy blue bouquet:

  • Nautical: Navy blue is a natural fit, with burgundy adding an unexpected but delightful twist.
  • Rustic: The rich tones of burgundy combined with navy blue can beautifully offset a rustic setting.
  • Vintage: The timeless charm of these colors finds a home in vintage-themed weddings.

6. Pairing with Bridal Attire

A burgundy and navy blue bouquet stands out splendidly against a white or off-white wedding gown. Bridesmaids in navy blue dresses holding burgundy bouquets also make for a picturesque sight.

7. Groom’s Boutonnière

Complement the bride’s bouquet with a burgundy bloom or a navy blue accent for the groom’s boutonnière. It ties the theme together and creates a cohesive visual narrative.

8. Incorporating into Overall Decor

The burgundy and navy blue theme shouldn’t stop at the bouquet. Incorporate these colors into table centerpieces, seating arrangements, and even the wedding cake for a unified aesthetic.

9. Personalizing the Bouquet

Adding personal trinkets, heirlooms, or even photo frames to the bouquet can make it unique. This personal touch ensures that the bouquet, though following a color theme, is distinctively yours.

10. Preserving the Bouquet

Such a beautiful bouquet deserves to be preserved. Consider drying it post-wedding or turning it into a keepsake through professional preservation methods.

11. The Global Appeal

The allure of the burgundy and navy blue palette isn’t restricted to any one region or culture. Globally, from European weddings with a touch of classical romance to Asian ceremonies exuding deep traditions, this color combination has found its mark, proving its versatility and universal appeal.

12. DIY versus Professional Creation

For the creatively inclined, making your own burgundy and navy blue bouquet can be a rewarding experience. Hand-picking each bloom, personalizing every detail, and literally putting together a piece of your wedding can be memorable. However, professionals bring expertise, access to a variety of blooms, and intricate design skills that can elevate your bouquet.

13. Adding Textural Variety

Texture can play a pivotal role in enhancing the bouquet’s visual appeal. Consider integrating velvety burgundy roses with spiky navy blue thistle or smooth eucalyptus leaves. The contrast not only amplifies the colors but adds a tactile richness to the bouquet.

14. Budget Considerations

While burgundy and navy blue exude opulence, you don’t necessarily need a royal budget. Seasonal flowers, locally sourced materials, or even opting for fewer, larger blooms can be cost-effective without compromising the bouquet’s grandeur.

15. The Reception Spin-off

For continuity, consider a smaller version of the bridal bouquet as table centerpieces for the reception. They can be less elaborate but maintain the color theme, ensuring visual harmony across the wedding events.

16. Complementary Accessories

Burgundy shoes, navy blue jewelry, or even a burgundy lip shade can be paired with the bouquet. This thematic alignment accentuates the color scheme and creates a holistic bridal look.

17. Exploring Variations

While burgundy and navy blue are the focal colors, introducing blush pinks, gold accents, or even deep purples can add layers to the bouquet, making it even more captivating.

18. Bridal Party Coordination

Having your bridal party’s outfits and accessories echo the burgundy and navy blue theme can create a visually synchronized ensemble. Think navy blue ties for groomsmen, burgundy dresses for bridesmaids, or even navy blue pocket squares with a burgundy edge.

19. Seasonal Availability

While planning, it’s essential to be aware of the seasonal availability of your preferred blooms in burgundy and navy blue. This foresight ensures you get the freshest flowers and can make necessary adjustments in advance.

20. The Emotional Quotient

Beyond aesthetics, the bouquet represents emotions. Burgundy, with its depth, symbolizes the passion and love you bring to the union. Navy blue, serene and trustworthy, represents the calm, steady foundation of your relationship. Together, they tell a tale of a love both fervent and grounded.

21. Extended Festivities and Pre-wedding Events

For those hosting multi-day celebrations or pre-wedding events, incorporating the burgundy and navy blue theme consistently can build anticipation for the main day. Consider using these colors in your engagement party decorations, bridal shower themes, or even rehearsal dinner attire.

22. Invitations and Stationery

Begin your wedding story by using the burgundy and navy blue palette in your save-the-dates and wedding invitations. Rich burgundy envelopes with navy blue calligraphy or vice versa can set the tone for your impending nuptials.

23. Bridal Hairstyles and Accents

Consider adorning your hairdo with burgundy and navy blue accessories. Whether it’s a burgundy floral hairpin or a navy blue veil, these elements can complement your bouquet beautifully.

24. The Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

Don’t forget the little ones! Outfit your ring bearer in a navy blue suit with a burgundy pocket square or tie. As for the flower girl, a burgundy dress or navy blue accessories like ribbons or hairbands can make her look part of the thematic ensemble.

25. Venue Decor and Ambiance

Continue the burgundy and navy blue theme beyond just the bouquet. Think of navy blue drapes with burgundy floral arrangements or burgundy tablecloths accentuated with navy blue candles. The opportunities are endless and can create a visual symphony.

26. Wedding Favors and Keepsakes

Offer your guests a memento of your special day with wedding favors reflecting your color theme. Burgundy sachets filled with scented herbs or navy blue boxes with special treats can be a delightful takeaway.

27. The Larger Floral Arrangements

Extend the bouquet theme to larger floral installations. Consider an altar adorned with burgundy and navy blue drapery and flowers or a majestic centerpiece at the reception with these hues.

28. Catering and Culinary Elements

Infuse your color theme subtly into the menu. Consider drinks with a deep burgundy hue or navy blue-themed desserts. Even the wedding cake can sport these colors with elegance.

29. Photography and Videography

Inform your photographer and videographer about your color theme. They can ensure that the hues are captured beautifully, and the essence of your theme is reflected in your wedding memories.

30. Post-wedding Elements

Carry forward the theme even after the wedding day. Thank-you cards, wedding albums, or even your wedding website can consistently use the burgundy and navy blue palette, tying up your wedding story neatly.

31. Bridal Accessories and Jewelry

Your choice of accessories can be enhanced with touches of burgundy and navy blue. Consider burgundy gemstone earrings or a navy blue clutch to add subtle touches of your color theme. For something even more memorable, think of a navy blue or burgundy garter that can be both a keepsake and a continuation of your theme.

32. Groom’s Attire and Details

While the bride has the bouquet, the groom can carry the color theme in his attire details. Beyond the boutonnière, think of navy blue cufflinks, burgundy socks, or even a stylish burgundy and navy pocket square. These subtle touches can unify the couple’s look and resonate with the overall theme.

33. Music and Entertainment

Coordinate with your band or DJ to set lighting that complements the burgundy and navy blue palette during the reception. Using colored spotlights or uplighting can envelop the dance floor in your wedding colors, further immersing your guests in the theme.

34. Destination and Venue Choices

If you’re considering a destination wedding or have multiple venue options, think of locations that naturally complement your color theme. A vineyard setting during autumn can naturally highlight burgundy hues, while a coastal setting during the evening can play up the navy blue tones.

35. Testimonials and Shared Experiences

Reach out to other couples who have used a similar color scheme for their weddings. Their experiences, photos, and testimonials can provide inspiration and practical insights. Wedding forums, blogs, and social media platforms can be great places to connect and gather ideas.

36. Wedding Transportation

Arrive or depart in style with vehicles adorned in burgundy and navy blue. Whether it’s a vintage car with a navy blue ribbon or a horse-drawn carriage with burgundy floral arrangements, your transportation can be another element reflecting your color theme.

37. Bridal Showers and Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

In the events leading up to the wedding, the color theme can be a fun way to hint at what’s to come. Burgundy spa robes for a bridal shower or navy blue-themed bachelor party invites can set the stage and build excitement.

38. Signature Cocktails and Drinks

Curate a signature wedding cocktail that resonates with the burgundy and navy blue theme. A rich red wine or a cocktail with blue curaçao can be fun ways to incorporate your colors into the menu.

39. Ceremony Details

Think about elements like the altar decorations, aisle runner, or even the ceremonial rituals that can integrate the burgundy and navy blue hues. Every detail matters in creating a cohesive and memorable experience.

40. Parting Thoughts and Future Inspirations

As time goes by and you celebrate anniversaries, revisiting your burgundy and navy blue theme can be nostalgic. Consider incorporating these colors into anniversary parties or even home decor as a reminder of your special day.


Your wedding is a reflection of your journey, tastes, and dreams. The burgundy and navy blue theme, while just a choice of colors, can become the thread that weaves your wedding narrative. By infusing it through various elements, big and small, you not only create a visually stunning event but also craft memories imbued with the depth, passion, and serenity that these colors represent.

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