Claremont Country Club Wedding

Claremont Country Club Wedding

Nestled in the heart of Oakland, the Claremont Country Club offers a stunning backdrop for weddings. With its luxurious ambiance, impeccable service, and breathtaking views, it’s no wonder that couples from all over the Bay Area choose this venue for their special day. In this article, we’ll dive deep into what makes a Claremont Country Club Wedding so incredibly fabulous and inspiring.

The Venue: A Blend of Elegance and Nature

The Claremont Country Club is legendary for its perfect blend of style and nature. Surrounded by lush gardens and offering panoramic views of the bay, the club provides a serene and intimate setting for weddings. Whether you’re planning a grand reception or a more private affair, the club’s versatile spaces can cater to your every need.

A Ceremony to Remember

One of the highlights of a Claremont Country Club Wedding is the ceremony itself. The club’s garden, with its adorable floral arrangements and a view of the blue bay, offers a picturesque setting for couples to exchange their vows. The sound of chirping birds, combined with the gentle breeze, creates a magical atmosphere, making the moment even more special.

Reception: Glamorous and Fun

When it comes to the reception, Claremont Country Club tops the list with its luxurious banquet halls. Adorned with chandeliers and elegant decor, these spaces can be transformed to match any wedding theme. The club’s culinary team, known for their exquisite dishes, ensures that the dining experience is nothing short of marvelous.

Personalized Services for a Perfect Day

What sets Claremont Country Club weddings apart is the personalized attention given to each couple. From the initial planning stages to the big day, the club’s dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. Whether it’s coordinating with vendors, arranging spa services for the bridal party, or curating a special menu, every detail is taken care of.

Testimonials from Happy Couples

Dana and John, who recently celebrated their wedding at the Claremont Country Club, couldn’t stop gushing about their experience. “It was such a pleasure being a part of your special day,” they exclaimed. The couple also praised the vendors, including the florist, Megan Haney Designs, and the caterers from the Claremont Country Club, for making their day amazing.


  • How can I book the Claremont Country Club for my wedding? Interested couples can contact the club directly to check availability and discuss their requirements.
  • Can I customize the menu for my wedding reception? Absolutely! The club’s culinary team is more than happy to curate a menu that suits your preferences and dietary needs.
  • Is there accommodation available for guests? While the Claremont Country Club doesn’t offer accommodation, there are several hotels nearby where guests can stay.

In Conclusion

A Claremont Country Club Wedding is not just an event; it’s an experience. With its luxurious setting, top-notch services, and a team dedicated to making your day perfect, it’s the ideal venue for couples looking to start their marital journey in style.

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Claremont Country Club Wedding: Beyond the Big Day

While the wedding day itself is undoubtedly the highlight, the events leading up to and following the ceremony are equally significant. Claremont Country Club, with its array of amenities and services, ensures that the entire wedding experience, from the pre-wedding festivities to the post-wedding relaxation, is memorable.

Pre-Wedding Festivities at Claremont

  1. Engagement Party: Celebrate the announcement of your union at Claremont’s luxurious spaces. With its gorgeous views and gourmet dining options, it’s the perfect venue to share the joyous news with your loved ones.
  2. Bridal Shower: The club’s intimate settings are ideal for hosting a fabulous bridal shower. Whether you opt for a brunch, high tea, or a spa day, Claremont offers a range of options to make the bride-to-be feel special.
  3. Rehearsal Dinner: Before the big day, gather your close family and friends for a rehearsal dinner at the club. With its customizable menus and elegant dining spaces, it sets the tone for the wedding day.

The Wedding Day Experience

  1. Bridal Suite: Claremont offers a private and spacious bridal suite where the bride and her entourage can get ready. With ample lighting, comfortable seating, and refreshments, it ensures the bridal party looks and feels their best.
  2. Groom’s Lounge: Not to be left behind, the groom and his groomsmen have access to a dedicated lounge. It’s a relaxed space where they can unwind, get dressed, and share a toast before the ceremony.
  3. Photo Opportunities: The club’s picturesque settings, from its manicured gardens to its grand interiors, provide countless photo opportunities. Capture your love story against these stunning backdrops for memories that will last a lifetime.

Post-Wedding Relaxation

  1. Spa Services: After the whirlwind of wedding festivities, indulge in some much-needed relaxation at Claremont’s spa. From massages to facials, the spa offers a range of treatments to rejuvenate the newlyweds.
  2. Golfing: If you’re a couple that enjoys sports, Claremont’s golf course is a must-visit. Spend a day on the greens, enjoying the sport and each other’s company.
  3. Brunch: Host a post-wedding brunch for your guests at the club. It’s a wonderful way to thank them for being a part of your special day and to relive the previous day’s moments.

In Conclusion

A Claremont Country Club Wedding is more than just a day’s event. It’s a series of experiences, each more delightful than the last. From the pre-wedding celebrations to the post-wedding relaxation, Claremont ensures that every moment is etched in your memory forever. So, if you’re looking for a venue that offers a holistic wedding experience, Claremont Country Club is the place to be.

Additional Services and Features of Claremont Country Club

Beyond the traditional wedding festivities, Claremont Country Club offers a plethora of additional services and features that can elevate the wedding experience for couples and their guests. Here’s a closer look at what the club brings to the table:

1. Custom Decor and Styling: Claremont’s in-house team of decorators and stylists can transform the venue to match any theme or vision. Whether you’re dreaming of a vintage-inspired setting, a glamorous Hollywood-style reception, or a minimalist contemporary design, the team can bring your vision to life.

2. Expert Event Planners: The club boasts a team of experienced event planners who can assist couples in every aspect of wedding planning. From coordinating with vendors to creating a wedding timeline, they ensure that every detail is meticulously planned and executed.

3. World-Class Culinary Team: Claremont takes pride in its culinary expertise. The club’s chefs can craft a diverse range of cuisines, ensuring that the wedding menu is both delectable and memorable. Special dietary requirements, be it vegan, gluten-free, or culturally specific dishes, can be catered to with finesse.

4. Wine and Beverage Services: With an extensive wine cellar and a range of premium beverages, Claremont offers curated drink packages. Couples can also opt for signature cocktails, tailored to their preferences, adding a personal touch to the beverage menu.

5. Entertainment and Tech Facilities: The club is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, ensuring that any entertainment, be it live bands, DJs, or multimedia presentations, is seamlessly integrated into the event.

6. Accessibility and Parking: Claremont Country Club provides ample parking space for guests, ensuring convenience. The venue is also wheelchair accessible, ensuring that all guests can comfortably enjoy the festivities.

7. Exclusive Membership Offers: For couples who fall in love with Claremont’s ambiance and services, the club offers exclusive membership packages. These memberships provide access to the club’s amenities, events, and other perks throughout the year.

8. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Options: In line with global sustainability trends, Claremont offers eco-friendly wedding options. From sustainable decor materials to organic menu options, couples can opt for a green wedding without compromising on luxury.

In Conclusion

Claremont Country Club is not just a wedding venue; it’s a destination that promises a holistic and luxurious wedding experience. With its array of services, world-class amenities, and a commitment to excellence, Claremont ensures that every wedding hosted here is nothing short of spectacular. If you’re on the hunt for a venue that offers more than just a beautiful backdrop, Claremont Country Club should undoubtedly be on your list. Celebrate love, luxury, and a lifetime of memories at this iconic venue.

Beyond the Venue: Exploring the Surroundings of Claremont Country Club

While the Claremont Country Club itself is a marvel, its surroundings in the vibrant city of Oakland offer additional attractions and experiences for couples and their guests. Whether you’re a local or visiting from out of town, there’s much to explore and enjoy in the vicinity of the club.

1. Nature and Parks: Oakland boasts a plethora of parks and natural sites. Just a short drive from Claremont, you can find the serene Lake Merritt, a popular spot for picnics, boat rides, and bird watching. The nearby Redwood Regional Park offers hiking trails amidst towering redwood trees, providing a refreshing escape from urban life.

2. Cultural Attractions: Oakland is rich in culture and history. The Oakland Museum of California offers insights into the state’s art, history, and natural sciences. For art enthusiasts, the numerous galleries and art spaces around the city showcase both local and international talents.

3. Dining and Nightlife: While Claremont Country Club offers gourmet dining, those looking to explore the local culinary scene won’t be disappointed. Oakland is home to a diverse range of restaurants, cafes, and bars, catering to all tastes and preferences. From upscale dining establishments to quirky cafes, there’s something for everyone.

4. Shopping: For those who love to shop, the areas around Claremont offer a mix of boutique stores, artisanal shops, and commercial malls. Whether you’re looking for wedding accessories, gifts for guests, or just some retail therapy, you’re sure to find it here.

5. Local Events and Festivals: Depending on the time of year, Oakland hosts various events and festivals. From music and art festivals to cultural parades and farmers’ markets, there’s always something happening in the city. These events can offer an added layer of entertainment for wedding guests staying in the area.

6. Accommodations: For out-of-town guests, Oakland provides a range of accommodation options. From luxury hotels to charming bed and breakfasts, there’s a place to suit every budget and preference. Many of these establishments also offer special packages for wedding guests, ensuring a comfortable stay.

7. Transportation: Oakland’s efficient transportation network ensures that guests can easily navigate the city. With its well-connected roads, public transport options, and proximity to major airports, getting to and from Claremont Country Club is a breeze.

In Conclusion

A Claremont Country Club Wedding is not just about the day itself; it’s about the entire experience. And with so much to offer in its surroundings, couples and their guests can truly make the most of their time in Oakland. Whether it’s exploring the city’s attractions, indulging in its culinary delights, or simply soaking in its vibrant atmosphere, the memories made here will last a lifetime. So, as you plan your dream wedding at Claremont, don’t forget to explore the treasures that lie just beyond its gates.






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